Template Customizations made easy and affordable.

Template Customizations made easy and affordable.

Our services are tailored to business owners seeking a website creation or refresh, allowing you to reclaim your time for business you're passionate about!

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We here at Rush Hour Designs want to help bring your website dreams to your ideal clientele and take the hassle out of designing your site!

What we do?


We are Trevor and Parker at Rush Hour Designs! We are Showit Support Pros with 11 years of combined experience turned business partners!

Showit Support Pros turned business partners!


Who is Rush Hour Designs?

You choose your starting point, and we'll take care of the rest. The design work is already done with the power of Showit. So whether you choose a free or Premium Showit Design, we'll take the hassle out of customizing it as your own.

You will just pass along your images and copy, then get back a new and refreshed site built to drive your ideal clientele!

Choose a Free or Premium Design

These are for the Tech Check- Links,  Tags, Alt Text, H Tags, etc.
DNS- We will connect your domain to your Showit account and make sure that everything is set up.
SSL Certificate- We will make sure your site/blog is secure and good to go! 

Tech check, SSL certificate, DNS, etc

Add Ons and A La Carte

Template Customizations

Do you have your site ready to go, but not sure what to do next? Do you have final questions you need answered? Or do you just need a quick audit of your site? We will sit down with you over a Zoom call and answer any final questions you have about your design or just go over and audit your site with you to make sure that it is all set and good to go live!

DIY, Audit Site, Q&A

1 on 1 Support

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